Extremely simple solution 

for your Shoulder pain

Fast Fat burning


The body fat burn rate is double,
Pain-Relief Exercise

 ARMWALKER is the world's 1st wearable quadruped (4-legged) walking exercise device. It eliminates the inconvenience of Nordic Pole Walking with functions fully remaining.

 Nordic Pole Walking is known as "Pain-relief exercise". Quadruped walking exercise doubles your Fat burning efficiency and helps you utilize 90 % of your muscles. If we simply run or walk, only 40 or 50 % of our body's muscles participate in the exercise. On the other hand, if we do Quadruped (4-legged) walking, such as Nordic Pole Walking, 90 % of our body's muscles participate in the exercise.

 Despite these exercise efficiency , Nordic Pole Walking has many shortcomings in usability. Usability on pavement , indoor usability etc.

 ARMWALKER is a Quadruped walking equipment that improves all of these shortcomings of Nordic Pole Walking. ARMWALKER was developed after being selected for government support project in KOREA.

The efficiency of quadrupedal walking.

Muscles that only participated in 50% of the time,

Four-legged walk to 90%!

When we simply walk or run on two feet, only 50% of our body's muscles participate in exercise, while when we do quadruped walking, such as Nordic walking, 90% of our body's muscles participate in exercise.

Fast Fat Combustion Effect

If you walk on all fours, Double the effect,
half the time.

Exercise other than weight loss is taken skin dallyeok.

Various Usability


Armwalker is a product that can be used anytime, anywhere, indoors and outdoors, at home and at professional fitness centers, and has a wide range of usability that allows you to achieve sufficient fitness effects just by working out during rush hour. It's also the best partner to double the efficiency of all aerobic exercise equipment, including running machines, steppers, arc trainers, and illipticals.

ARMWALKER and PowerWalking

Bending Elbows,
Stretched Elbow!

Power Walking (Bending Elbow)

Power walking, which moves thee arms back and forth at a right angle, with dumbbells or water bottles can aggravates the condition of pain by putting a tension on the shoulder joints.

ARMWALKER (Stretched Elbow)
On the other hand, when you use ARMWALKER while exercising, the shoulder joint movement is lighter, but the movement of the muscles around the shoulder is maximized. In addition , the moment the arm is moved backwards and forwards, no tension is added to the shoulder joint, and the own elasticity of the elastic strings activate the circulation of the affected area and relieves the pain.