Research of the ARMWALKER 

EMG test result by Kyungbook national university

Result 01

Muscular activity in the stance phase of ARMWALKING was shown to have increased statistically significantly in the Pectoralis major, Latissimus dorsi, Deltoid, Trapezius, Biceps brachii, Triceps brachii, Erector spinae, Vastus lateralis, Lateral gastrocnemius muscles compared to conventional walking.

Given the increased muscle activity in most upper body muscles during ARMWALKING, it is judged that the ARMWALKING  has a positive effect on the use of upper body muscles in walking motion.

In addition, the Stance Phase for walking is the area where the right lower extremity supports weight.

Result 02

Therefore, due to the nature of the walking behavior that requires co-ordination of the upper and lower limbs, In order to maintain physical stability following active upper body movement during ARMWALKING, The activity of the lower extremities such as the Vastus lateralis and Lateral gastrocnemius muscles in the Stance Phase is also judged to have increased.

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