Lee Mi-kyung (F / 30s / Office worker)

13 Feb 2020
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My neck and shoulders hurt and became text neck as I was working on the computer in the office.

 However, in every morning, I tried to maintain a good posture by wearing and using Armwalker under my overcoat when I walked to the office.

 Since then, I have improved my shoulder pain since Armwalker helped me to maintain the right posture and exercise.

 I didn't even think about working out as I’ve been a working mom with two children, ages 2 and 4. As my husband works until dawn, so he can't take care of them.

 Furthermore, as I work in the office, basically I have chronic back and shoulder pain along with text neck syndrome.

 So I had to work out before the kids got up, but I couldn't even do it because it was noisy while climbing up and down the apartment stairs.

 There was a complaint from the neighbors for doing so. I apply to participate in the product testing group as soon as I saw the four-legged exercise equipment because I am close to my office but walk to and from work. When I got a chance to use Armwalker,

 first, I was doubted and thought about it like “What’s that?” “Does it work?” I was skeptical about it, but I wanted to use it because I got it. I learned how to use it by marching in place at home and used it to get to and from work. 

When I wore it to work, there were some people who look at me. So, I couldn't use it everyday. (So I usually use it when I walk back and forth and walk in place at home) I usually walked to work looking at my cell phone, but after wearing Armwalker, 

I felt my waist straightened out and my shoulders relaxed because of the strength of my body.

 I think it will help ease back and wrist pain if I use it a little longer.

 The time and duration of using Armwalker are still short, so I think it is effective only on the shoulder knots first. I should have listened to the instruction manual; I couldn’t participate in the meeting because I had to look after my kids during weekends. I will continue to use it and recommend it to my parents having pain in shoulders, waist and legs.



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