Lim, Young-keuk (M / 40s / office worker)

13 Feb 2020
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I used it as soon as it was delivered.

I usually wore it for a walk in the evening after work.
After using this, I felt a lot of back and shoulder pain relief.
I had chronic shoulder and back pain as I sat down for a long time. Furthermore, when I was walking, I always had a hard time because of the pain, but I felt the pain was alleviating amazingly.
It was hard to walk for about 30 minutes, and now I don't feel like it's hard to walk for an hour though.
I was half a doubt when I applied for the product testing group, but I felt it was working.
The pain that I felt every time when I worked out is now gone and I have confidence as well.
I hope you will continue to develop good products and succeed in your business.



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