About chronic pain

"Pain" is what the health service needs to address. It will be the first assignment.

Despite the remarkable development in the field of science, modern medicine has yet to find the cause of stress headaches or everyday pain in the joints on cloudy days.

Why can't modern medicine find the cause of pain?

Two types of pain,
Primary pain and secondary pain.

There are more than a hundred categories of pain, but there are two main types of pain depending on the type of pain stimulus.

1st Pain (Physical pain)

The 1st one is called 1st pain like an instant pain caused by mechanical irritation when you are hit by a stick.

2nd Pain (Chemical pain)

The 2nd one that persists after having hit with a stick is called 2nd pain.

This is pain that caused by various chemical substances generated in the body. This secondary pain is caused by the chemical mediators(pain substances) produced in inflammatory process. We refer to this as inflammatory pain. Most chronic pain is usually due to inflammation. 


Then, What is the inflammation that causes inflammatory symptoms? 

 Modern medicine defines inflammation as follows: "The reaction of the blood vessels and connective tissues due to infection or tissue injury".
 Therefore, when inflammation is found, 1st medical approach is to try to find the cause of infection or tissue damage. So, in modern medicine, if the cause of the infection or tissue injury is not found in the inflamed area, It is considered as wrong pathological reaction. In other words, they think that inflammation and pain without infection is wrong pathological reaction of human body. Therefore, current medical approach is to change the human body. Thus, therefore, nerve blocking, nerve resection, organ removal, etc, are attempted. Common medical understanding is that if there is no lesion, then there is no illness. In other words, without tonsils, no tonsillitis will occur, and without appendix, not appendicitis will occur. So, sometimes during caesarean section, removal of non-inflamed cecum is offered as a free service. Is this approach is appropriate? Does that means brain needs to be removed to ease headache? 

Pathological factors of chronic diseases and cancers are 20% infection & 5% genetic & 75 % environmental.
 So, unless improvement in the environment and habits are made, the symptoms continue to be repeated.

About chronic pain

How does ARMWALKER help
heal pain?

Most chronic pain is determined by the concentration of pain substances (vasoconstriction factors: blood vessel contraction) in the regional tissue. Thus the pain is awakened when the sum of tension elements exceeds the critical point.

So, conditions to control the pain is as follows. 

Methodology for Pain Control 

1. Do not make pain substances. 

(Do not constrict your blood vessels) 

2. Drain out pain substances from the body. 3R

Promote lymph circulation. 
Pain substances should be discharged to remove pain. There is sewer in our body to release these pain substances. We call it the Lymphatic Circulation System.

And 3 conditions are required to activate lymphatic circulation.

3 conditions for activate circulation are called 3R

ARMWALKER meets the conditions for releasing pain substances.

Activated Muscles by ARMWALKER