Neck and shoulder pain

The effect of improving shoulder pain is
surprisingly good.

Why do neck and shoulder pain occur?
There are various diseases such as frozen shoulder, rotator cuff syndrome, supraspinatus tendonitis, supraspinatus tendon calcification, subacromial bursitis, subdeltoid bursitis and scalenus anticus syndrome. And among them, the cause is often not found.
The first cause of neck and shoulder pain is the human upright posture.
As humans stood on two feet, they placed their skulls on the neck bone.

But the human skull is much heavier than you think. Although there is a personal difference, it weighs about two bottles of 2L mineral water or a bowling ball. In order to place this weight on the neck bone and stand upright, muscles in the neck and shoulders must contract. 

Also, stress is added to this. When we're stressed out, Accessary N, the 11th cranial nerve, becomes excited and eventually contracts muscles in the back of the neck and shoulders. Under these conditions, the lower temperature of the neck and shoulders due to lack of energy or external temperature causes muscles to contract further, causing circulatory disturbances and pain. Therefore, fundamental healing requires avoiding prolonged upright posture and stress conditions, raising body temperature and activating circulation through exercise.

Right posture

How to keep your spine healthy!
Armwalker's excellent circulatory ability.

ARMWALKER prevents Kyphosis and Round shoulder, which form senile postures.
The biggest cause of back bending is lack of energy. 

If sufficient energy is not supplied to the spinal erector muscles that straighten the spine, the spine will be bent and the posture will collapse. 

Therefore, postural correction by posture correctors or belts is only a temporary phenomenon supported by the instrument when worn. Waist belts, etc. are used to express "meeting as lover and breaking up as enemy ." Right now, it sets up the spine, but ultimately weakens the spine extremely. 

For proper posture, sufficient energy must be supplied to tissues around the spine through exercise. ( Supply oxygen by sufficient blood stream. ) 

ARMWALKER's excellent circulatory ability provides sufficient energy to the spinal erector muscles.

If you stand upright, you will be younger in appearance. Depending on their posture, they may differ in appearance by more than 20 years at the same age 


Brain activation

Blood flow to the brain, Up!

Study, work efficiency, 
health Up!

ARMWALKER improves brain function by activating muscle movements around the neck, shoulders, and spine to increase blood flow to the brain. Therefore, it improves the work ability of test takers and office workers who work in brain labor. It can also help prevent degenerative brain diseases such as dementia and Parkinson's.

Whole body health

Help improve systemic health

by promoting systemic circulation!

All autonomic nerves, except the cranial nerves, pass through the spine. Thus, improving circulation of the surrounding tissues of the spine means improving all internal medical conditions associated with autonomic nerves. An ancient Chinese doctor stimulated acu-points around the spine to treat all internal diseases.